MLKitSegmentationCommon Framework Reference


class SegmentationMask : NSObject

The result from a segmenter operation.

  • The segmentation buffer for the mask.

    The buffer will be of format typekCVPixelFormatType_OneComponent32Float. Each pixel in the mask will have a value in range [0.0f, 1.0f] where 1 indicates that a pixel is inside the segmented region, and 0 indicates that a pixel is outside the segmented region. Callers may query the mask for per-pixel region-value estimates, but are responsible for defining their own threshold for intermediate values. The buffer is owned by the SegmentationMask and will be released when the container is deallocated, unless callers explicitly maintain a reference to it via CVPixelBufferRetain().



    var buffer: CVPixelBuffer { get }
  • Unavailable.