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Make your links crawlable

Google can follow your links only if they use proper <a> tags with resolvable URLs:

Use proper <a> tags

Google can follow links only if they are an <a> tag with an href attribute. Links that use other formats won't be followed by Google's crawlers. Google cannot follow <a> links without an href attribute or other tags that perform a links because of script events. Here are examples of links that Google can and can't follow:

Can follow:

  • <a href="">
  • <a href="/relative/path/file">

Can't follow:

  • <a routerLink="some/path">
  • <span href="">
  • <a onclick="goto('')">

Ensure that the URL linked to by your <a> tag is an actual web address that Googlebot can send requests to, for example:

Can resolve:

  • /products
  • /products.php?id=123

Can't resolve:

  • javascript:goTo('products')
  • javascript:window.location.href='/products'
  • #