Top Places List

If your business is mentioned in any "top places" lists online, Google might show a rich result that shows the lists that mention your business. For example, if your restaurant appears in a "Top 10 Chinese restaurants in NYC" list and a "Best restaurants in the city" list on qualified websites, these lists would be shown in your business's search result. This feature is only for businesses with a physical location.

Top places list for a restaurant search result

Requirements for the listing site

In order for your site's "top places" list to be eligible to appear in a Top Places List result, the list must meet these criteria:

  • The list must be curated by the content provider, be genuine, independent, and not sponsored.
  • The list must not consist of templated sentences built from data or automated metrics.
  • The list must not contain vulgar or potentially offensive language.

Prevent your website's lists from appearing in a Top Places List feature

To prevent lists from your site from appearing in a Top Places List, opt out of display on Google Local and other Google properties.