Extending the Editors with Google Workspace Add-ons

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides provide a cloud-based productivity solution with real-time collaboration. However, modifying and surfacing relevant information in the Editors is often a time-consuming task.

You can save your users time and effort by extending Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with Google Workspace Add-ons. Google Workspace Add-ons for Google Forms isn’t available yet.

When you build a Google Workspace Add-on, you can define custom interfaces that are inserted directly into the Editors. These interfaces help automate tasks, present additional information to the user, or let the user interact with a third-party system without having to switch to a new browser tab.

With Google Workspace Add-ons, you can create the following Editor interfaces:

  • Homepage interfaces
  • REST API interfaces
  • Link preview interfaces

See what you can make

Google Workspace Add-ons are built using the Card service. See Building Google Workspace Add-ons for an overview.

Google Workspace Add-on behavior is configured using a manifest. To enable Google Workspace Add-on for Editors, include Editor-specific sections.

When configuring your Google Workspace Add-on for Editors, you must decide what interfaces to create for your add-on and what actions it can take. See the following guides for more information: