Google Workspace Add-ons

Add-ons are customized applications that integrate with Google Workspace applications.

Build in any runtime

You can develop add-ons with your preferred hosting infrastructure, development tool chain, source control system, coding language, and code libraries.

Google Workspace Add-ons built in any runtime need to return properly formatted JSON for the interface to render as cards. Then you can use the Google Workspace Add-ons API to create and manage your add-on deployments.

Build in Google Apps Script

This documentation explains how to build and deploy a Google Workspace Add-on in any runtime. To build and deploy add-ons in Google Apps Script, see the Apps Script documentation.

Google Workspace Add-ons API

With the Google Workspace Add-ons API, you can:

  • Automate testing and deployments.
  • Perform background tasks using your add-on's hosting service.
  • Create and manage deployments with command-line tools.
  • Manage deployment permissions for service accounts or regular users with granular Cloud IAM permissions.

For more information about the Google Workspace Add-ons API, see the Reference documentation.

Try a quickstart

To quickly see how building an add-on in any runtime works, try this 5-minute quickstart.

Want to see Google Workspace Add-ons in action?
The Google Workspace Developers channel offers videos about tips, tricks, and the latest features.