Editor Add-on user interfaces

Editor Add-ons enable user interaction through customized menus, dialogs, and sidebars. The following links provide information building these types of interfaces.

  • Add-on menus are created using Apps Script's base Ui service. Menus items provide initial starting points for using your add-on, but you must design them to take into account the add-on authorization lifecycle.

  • Sidebars and dialogs are created using Apps Script's HTML service. This service lets you define the interface structure and appearence using HTML and CSS. See Create and serve HTML for more details.

    • You can also set up client-server communication calls so that user actions in the interface result in actions taken on the Google servers where the editor file resides, or vice versa.
    • Apps Script also provides a template syntax to make building dynamic interfaces easier.
  • When building HTML interfaces for Editor Add-ons, you should use the Editor Add-on CSS package to help your add-on look and feel like the Google Workspace editors they extend.