Providing conference solution logos

In your add-on manifest, you may specify a distinct conferenceSolution[].logoUrl for each conference solution your add-on defines. These conferenceSolution[].logoUrl images are used directly in the Google Calendar user interface to visually identify the conference solution.

Since these logoUrl images are used within Calendar directly, for performance reasons the images cannot be hosted on at any location. They must be present on Google's infrastructure. Specifically, you must use the same icon that you use for the add-on's Google Workspace Marketplace store listing.

To obtain an image URL that can be used as the conferenceSolution[].logoUrl:

  1. Open the Google Cloud console.
  2. If necessary, switch to the project hosting your add-on.
  3. At the top-left, click Menu > APIs & Services.
  4. In the list at the bottom, click Google Workspace Marketplace SDK.
  5. Select the Store Listing tab.
  6. In the Graphics Assets section, upload the intended attachment icon image as an Application Icon 32x32.
  7. Copy the resulting image URL and use it as the attachment.iconUrl.