Try the demo

The Navigation SDK is available as a static library that you can download. Obtain the link from your sales engineer contact.

You can view the Navigation SDK reference documentation alongside the developer guide.

Setting up your development project and API key on the Google Cloud Console

  1. Create a new Google Cloud Console project, or select an existing project, for use with the Maps SDK for iOS. Wait for a few minutes until the project is visible on the Cloud Console.

  2. Enable Maps SDK for iOS in the Google Cloud Console. Select a Cloud Console project to access the Navigation SDK. In the APIs section of Cloud Console, enable the Maps SDK for iOS.

  3. Create an API key for the project, by selecting APIs & Services > Credentials > Create credentials > API key.

  4. Request provisioning of the Maps SDK for iOS through your Google Maps Platform representative. You need to provide your project ID, which you can find in the Cloud Console main dashboard, under the project name.

Trying the demo app

Follow these steps to build and run the demo app supplied in the zip file that is included in the downloaded package:

  1. Install Xcode.
  2. Unzip the zip file.
  3. Copy the following frameworks into the root directory for the demo you want to run (the same directory that contains NavigationDemoObjC.xcodeproj or NavigationDemoSwift.xcodeproj):

    • GoogleMaps.framework
    • GoogleMapsBase.framework
    • GoogleMapsCore.framework
    • GoogleNavigation.framework
  4. In Xcode, open the demo app of your choice:

    • NavigationDemoObjC/NavigationDemoObjC.xcodeproj
    • NavigationDemoSwift/NavigationDemoSwift.xcodeproj
  5. Add your own API key to the SDKDemoAPIKey file. You must use the API key that you created in the steps above.

  6. To run the demo, connect an iOS device to your computer, or use the simulator.