Archive Chat messages

Google Workspace administrators can set up a third-party archiving service to archive Google Chat messages and other content. Chat archiving works by logging messages to an email address that's specified in the Google Admin console. This page describes the format of these archived email messages.


Archived types

The following content types are archived in Chat messages:

The following content isn't archived:

  • Interactions that don't write to the Chat stream, such as Chat apps that display a card to users to select an action.
  • Interactions outside of Chat that are displayed in Chat spaces but don't write to the Chat stream, such as viewing a task in the Google Tasks tab.

Archive formats

This section describes the format of archived Chat information and gives examples of each type.

Message header metadata and email format

Following is the header format of archive messages. In these examples, the archive address is set to

  • From:
  • Subject: Google Chat activity from DM or Space space ID with users
    • DM: If the message is a direct message or group direct message.
    • Space: If the message is in a Chat space.
    • ID: Google Chat space ID (used by the Google Chat API).
    • With: Email addresses associated with the message. If there are fewer than 5 email addresses included, the usernames are listed. If there are more than 5 email addresses included then the count of email addresses are listed.
  • To: email addresses of all users, plus the archive address.

The following is an example of Chat activity that is archived in an email:

From: <>
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 10:13 AM
Subject: Google Chat activity from DM 8at_0gAAAAE with rose, mike
To: <>, <>

From: <>
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 10:15 AM
Subject: Google Chat activity from Chat space g2-uKgAAAAE with 6 members
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

In addition, Google Workspace Admins can add custom headers by enabling the optional header metadata in the Google Admin console. The following is an example of optional custom headers:

X-ArchivalProvider-MsgType: Google_Chat
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 17:27:15 +0000
Subject: Chat activity from DM 8at_0gAAAAE

The rest of this page gives examples of each type of archived data.

Membership state changed

When a user joins a Chat space:

[2019-09-23T16:47:17.773827Z] mike marsden ( MEMBERSHIP STATE BECAME JOINED

When a user leaves a Chat space:

[2019-11-27T16:39:05.750194Z] Brian Zhao ( MEMBERSHIP STATE BECAME NOT A MEMBER

Message was created

[2019-09-23T17:36:57.710319Z] Edward Deng ( POSTED VEiF-WPTkJU:PezyhNYvFzk Good morning!

Message was edited

[2019-09-23T17:37:08.137734Z] Edward Deng ( EDITED VEiF-WPTkJU:PezyhNYvFzk Very good morning!

Message was deleted

[2019-09-23T17:37:14.212127Z] DELETED VEiF-WPTkJU:mn4aIBqVYzs MESSAGE DELETED

User reacted or removed a reaction

[2019-11-27T18:17:58.479409Z] Donna Lee ( REACTED TO fTi4iKLrveQ:fTi4iKLrveQ =F0=9F=99=82

[2019-11-27T18:18:08.730463Z] Donna Lee ( REMOVED REACTION TO fTi4iKLrveQ:fTi4iKLrveQ =F0=9F=99=82
[2019-12-13T19:45:54.168271Z] Natraj Verma ( UPLOADED
Google Meet: POSTED 7-NYOcR7gqQ:7-NYOcR7gqQ let's talk over video

File attachment was added

[2019-12-13T19:50:29.899503Z] Edward Deng ( UPLOADED application/pdf: "kitchen.pdf" POSTED n8dcClo_dWw:gq-ItEhSZvQ wdyt?

The file attachment is added to the email archive if the file is smaller than the maximum file size.

[2020-01-28T17:13:38.332367Z] Edward Deng ( ADDED Google Drive File application/ "Test Slides" POSTED _YdFA9wEVVo:_YdFA9wEVVo