Place Photos (New)

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You can use the Places SDK for iOS (New) to request place photos to display in your application. Photos returned by the photos service come from a variety of sources, including business owners and user-contributed photos.

Photos are bitmap images represented by a UIImage object. A bitmap image has a maximum size of 4800 by 4800 pixels.

Request an image

You can request up to 10 photos for a place:

  1. Call [GMSPlacesClient lookUpPhotosForPlaceID], passing a place ID and a GMSPlacePhotoMetadataResultCallback callback. This request calls the GMSPlacePhotoMetadataResultCallback callback with a GMSPlacePhotoMetadataList object.

  2. From the GMSPlacePhotoMetadataList object in the callback, the results array property contains the photos, where each photo is represented by a GMSPlacePhotoMetadata object.

  3. Use the GMSPlacePhotoMetadata object to create a GMSFetchPhotoRequest, including the maximum size of the requested image.

  4. For each GMSPlacePhotoMetadata object in the array, call [GMSPlacesClient fetchPhotoWithRequest:callback:] passing the GMSFetchPhotoRequest object. This methods calls the GMSFetchPhotoResultCallback callback with a usable bitmap image as a UIImage.

Another way to request photos for a place is to make a Place Details (New) request, including GMSPlacePropertyPhotos in the field list. The advantage to making a Place Details call is that the response GMSPlace object can contain the photos and any other data fields that you want for the place.

Sample code

The following example method takes a place ID and gets the first photo in the returned list. You can use this method as a template for the method you will create in your own app.


// A hotel in Saigon with an attribution.
let placeID = "ChIJV4k8_9UodTERU5KXbkYpSYs"

// Request list of photos for a place
placesClient.lookUpPhotos(forPlaceID: placeID) { (photos, error) in

  guard let photoMetadata: GMSPlacePhotoMetadata = photos?.results[0] else {
    return }

  // Request individual photos in the response list
  let fetchPhotoRequest = GMSFetchPhotoRequest(photoMetadata: photoMetadata, maxSize: CGSizeMake(4800, 4800))
  self.client.fetchPhoto(with: fetchPhotoRequest, callback: {
    (photoImage: UIImage?, error: Error?) in
      guard let photoImage, error == nil else {
        print("Handle photo error: ")
        return }
      print("Display photo Image: ")


// A hotel in Saigon with an attribution.
NSString *placeID = @"ChIJV4k8_9UodTERU5KXbkYpSYs";

[placesClient lookUpPhotosForPlaceID:placeID callback: ^(GMSPlacePhotoMetadataList *list, NSError *error) {
  GMSPlacePhotoMetadata *photoMetadata = [list results][0];

  // Request individual photos in the response list
  GMSFetchPhotoRequest *fetchPhotoRequest = [[GMSFetchPhotoRequest alloc] initWithPhotoMetadata:photoMetadata maxSize:CGSizeMake(4800, 4800)];
  [placesClient fetchPhotoWithRequest:fetchPhotoRequest callback: ^(UIImage *_Nullable photoImage, NSError *_Nullable error) {
    if (error == nil) {
      // Display photo


// First fetch place details
// A hotel in Saigon with an attribution.
let placeID = "ChIJV4k8_9UodTERU5KXbkYpSYs"
let fetchPlaceRequest = FetchPlaceRequest(
  placeID: placeID,
  placeProperties: [ . name, .website ]
var fetchedPlace: Place
switch await placesClient.fetchPlace(with: fetchPlaceRequest) {
case .success(let place):
  fetchedPlace = place
case .failure(let placesError):
  // Handle error

// Use the place details to fetch a photo's image.
guard let photo = else {
  // Handle place without photos.
let fetchPhotoRequest =
  FetchPhotoRequest(photo: photo, maxSize: CGSizeMake(4800, 4800))
switch await placesClient.fetchPhoto(with: fetchPhotoRequest) {
case .success(let uiImage):
  // Handle image.
case .failure(let placesError):
  // Handle error


Photos loaded using [GMSPlacesClient loadPlacePhoto:callback:] or [GMSPlacesClient loadPlacePhoto:constrainedToSize:scale:callback:] are cached both on disk and in-memory by the Foundation URL loading system in the shared NSURLCache.

To configure the caching behavior you can change the shared URL cache using [NSURLCache setSharedURLCache:] in your application delegate's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method.

If you do not want your application to share a NSURLCache with the Places SDK for iOS you can create a new NSURLCache and use this exclusively within your app without setting it as the shared cache.


In most cases, place photos can be used without attribution, or will have the required attribution included as part of the image. However, if the returned GMSPlacePhotoMetadata instance includes any attributions or authorAttribution, you must include these attributions in your application wherever you display the image. See the documentation on attributions.