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Updated Basemap Style for Navigation SDK

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The Navigation SDK will soon be updated with a new look and feel, to provide an experience that is consistent with recent updates to Google Maps. Late last year, we refined the color, typography, and iconography of the Google Maps basemap to improve focus, clarity of information, and readability.

This means that the Nav SDK maps in your products will eventually get an update as well, with stylistic changes such as a new basemap with an updated color scheme and typography. If you're currently using the Google Maps SDK in other parts of your project, you will have already experienced this update.

For more details on the change, see this blog post


Our goal is to have all customers migrate by October 30th, when we officially switch over to the new basemap. Between now and October 30th, you can update your apps to opt-in to the new basemap.

Opt-in to the new basemap (v1.6 and above)

Between now and October 30th, you will be able to opt-in to the new basemap on both Android and iOS, v1.6 and above. After October 30th, the new basemap becomes the default and no further action is required.

Android opt-in

To opt-in to the new styling on Android before the change is made, you can add the following to your AndroidManifest.xml:

<meta-data android:name=""android:value="B3MWHUG2MR0DQW" />

For more details, see Opt-in to new map styling (Navigation SDK for Android)

iOS opt-in

To opt-in to the new styling on iOS before the change is made, use the code snippet below. The best place to do this in your app is right after providing your API key, via GMSServices provideAPIKey. You must be using at least version 2.6.0 in order to opt-in. See the blog post for more information about the new style.

NSArray *options = @[@"B3MWHUG2MR0DQW"];
BOOL didSetApiOptions = [GMSServices provideAPIOptions:options];
NSLog(@“Options were set: %d”, didSetApiOptions);

For more details, see Opt-in to new map styling (Navigation SDK for iOS)

All Other Versions

At no time will opt-in capabilities be made available for versions below 1.6 for either iOS or Android. These versions will automatically be switched over to new basemap on October 30th.