Other Methods

While Mutate, Search, and SearchStream are the most common methods in the Google Ads API, there are many others for specific purposes. All services and their APIs are documented in the REST reference documentation.

Protocol buffer RPC to REST mappings

All the service endpoints (whether using REST and gRPC) are ultimately defined in the .proto files of the services package using the proto3 Interface Definition Language.

Example: ListAccessibleCustomers

For example, the customer_service.proto file defines a ListAccessibleCustomers method, in addition to the standard Mutate . Its google.api.http annotation describes how the method maps to HTTP. It uses an HTTP GET with the custom verb listAccessibleCustomers:

rpc ListAccessibleCustomers(ListAccessibleCustomersRequest)
    returns (ListAccessibleCustomersResponse) {
  option (google.api.http) = {
    get: "/v14/customers:listAccessibleCustomers"

This maps to the customers.listAccessibleCustomers REST method.

Example: CreateCustomerClient

Another example from customer_service.proto is the CreateCustomerClient method. Its google.api.http annotation describes an HTTP POST using the custom verb createCustomerClient:

rpc CreateCustomerClient(CreateCustomerClientRequest)
    returns (CreateCustomerClientResponse) {
  option (google.api.http) = {
    post: "/v14/customers/{customer_id=*}:createCustomerClient"
    body: "*"
  option (google.api.method_signature) = "customer_id,customer_client";

This maps to the customers.createCustomerClient REST method.