On-Demand Rides and Deliveries API

Services for On-Demand Rides and Deliveries providers.

Service: fleetengine.googleapis.com

The Service name fleetengine.googleapis.com is needed to create RPC client stubs.


CreateTrip Creates a trip in the Fleet Engine and returns the new trip.
GetTrip Get information about a single trip.
ReportBillableTrip Report billable trip usage.
SearchTrips Get all the trips for a specific vehicle.
UpdateTrip Updates trip data.


CreateVehicle Instantiates a new vehicle associated with an on-demand rideshare or deliveries provider.
GetVehicle Returns a vehicle from the Fleet Engine.
ListVehicles Returns a paginated list of vehicles associated with a provider that match the request options.
SearchVehicles Returns a list of vehicles that match the request options.
UpdateVehicle Writes updated vehicle data to the Fleet Engine.
UpdateVehicleAttributes Partially updates a vehicle's attributes.