<GMTCAuthorization> Protocol Reference

<GMTCAuthorization> Protocol Reference


Protocol used to provide authorization tokens for gRPC calls.

These tokens give access to the Fleet Engine service accounts.

The implementation should ensure that a valid authorization token is always available. The authorization token should have a minimum lifetime of 5 minutes to allow for requests to complete. Therefore, the authorization token must automatically renew expiring tokens and minimize the number of token refreshes by re-using a token until its lifetime nears its end.

Implementations of this protocol must be thread-safe.

Public Member Functions

(void) - fetchTokenWithContext:completion:
 Called by the SDK to fetch a JWT.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) fetchTokenWithContext: (nullable GMTCAuthorizationContext *)  authorizationContext
completion: (GMTCAuthTokenFetchCompletionHandler completion 

Called by the SDK to fetch a JWT.

The implementation must assume that this method may be invoked from arbitrary queues.

authorizationContextThe context of the target authorization token.
completionMust be called asynchronously, but can be called from any queue.