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public abstract class TrafficData extends Object

Describes the traffic data for a stretch of road.

Nested Class Summary

class TrafficData.Builder Builder for TrafficData
class TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval Describes the traffic conditions for a segment of the polyline path in the containing TrafficData

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

static TrafficData.Builder
abstract List<LatLng>
Polyline representing the path for this stretch of data.
abstract List<TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval>
abstract TrafficData.Builder
final String

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public TrafficData ()

Public Methods

public static TrafficData.Builder builder ()

public abstract List<LatLng> getPath ()

Polyline representing the path for this stretch of data.

public abstract List<TrafficData.SpeedReadingInterval> getSpeedReadingIntervals ()

public abstract TrafficData.Builder toBuilder ()

public final String toString ()