Task.TaskOutcome The outcome of an attempt to execute a task. 
Task.TaskState The state of a Task indicating its progression. 
Task.TaskType The type of a Task. 
VehicleStop.VehicleStopState The current state of a VehicleStop. 


AuthTokenContext.AuthTokenFactory Instances of this interface will be asked to provide an authorization token when various operations are performed. 
DriverContext.StatusListener Listener for status updates. 


AuthTokenContext The AuthTokenContext class encapsulates the state needed to generate an auth token for a given request and is provided when AuthTokenFactory#getToken is called. 
AuthTokenContext.Builder Builder for AuthTokenContext. 
BaseVehicle Base representation of a vehicle. 
DriverContext DriverContext provides the dependencies needed to construct a DriverApi instance. 
DriverContext.Builder Builder for DriverContext. 
Task A task represents a single action to track in the Last Mile Fleet Solution system. 
TaskInfo Describes a task that the driver will perform. 
TaskInfo.Builder Builder class for TaskInfo  
TraveledRouteInfo Represents the traveled route performed by a vehicle. 
TraveledRouteInfo.Builder Builder class for TraveledRouteInfo. 
TraveledRouteLocation Represents a location data point of a vehicle traveled route. 
TraveledRouteLocation.Builder Builder class for TraveledRouteLocation. 
VehicleStop Describes a stop that the vehicle will be visiting. 
VehicleStop.Builder Builder class for VehicleStop. 


DriverContext.StatusListener.StatusCode The status codes of the status update. 
DriverContext.StatusListener.StatusLevel The severity levels of the status update.