The status of a trip indicating its progression.

TRIP_STATUS_LOG_UNSPECIFIED Default, used for unspecified or unrecognized trip status.
TRIP_STATUS_NEW Newly created trip.
TRIP_STATUS_ENROUTE_TO_PICKUP The driver is on their way to the pickup point.
TRIP_STATUS_ARRIVED_AT_PICKUP The driver has arrived at the pickup point.
TRIP_STATUS_ARRIVED_AT_INTERMEDIATE_DESTINATION The driver has arrived at an intermediate destination and is waiting for the rider.
TRIP_STATUS_ENROUTE_TO_INTERMEDIATE_DESTINATION The driver is on their way to an intermediate destination (not the dropoff point).
TRIP_STATUS_ENROUTE_TO_DROPOFF The driver has picked up the rider and is on their way to the next destination.
TRIP_STATUS_COMPLETE The rider has been dropped off and the trip is complete.
TRIP_STATUS_CANCELED The trip was canceled prior to pickup by the driver, rider, or rideshare provider.