public static final class LatLngBounds.Builder extends Object

This is a builder that is able to create a minimum bound based on a set of LatLng points.

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

Creates the LatLng bounds.
include(LatLng point)
Includes this point for building of the bounds.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public LatLngBounds.Builder ()

Public Methods

public LatLngBounds build ()

Creates the LatLng bounds.

IllegalStateException if no points have been included.

public LatLngBounds.Builder include (LatLng point)

Includes this point for building of the bounds. The bounds will be extended in a minimum way to include this point.

More precisely, it will consider extending the bounds both in the eastward and westward directions (one of which may cross the antimeridian) and choose the smaller of the two. In the case that both directions result in a LatLngBounds of the same size, this will extend it in the eastward direction. For example, adding points (0, -179) and (1, 179) will create a bound crossing the 180 longitude.

point A LatLng to be included in the bounds.
  • This builder object with a new point added.