SDK Migration

This page covers migrations for current and previous versions.

Migrate from v22 to v23

The minimum Android API level is 21

Starting in version 23.0.0, the Google Mobile Ads SDK requires all apps to be on a minimum Android API level 21 to run. To adjust the API level, change the value of minSdkVersion in your app-level build.gradle file to 21 or higher.

Deprecated Methods Removed/Replaced

v22.0.0 API v23.0.0 API
AdRequest.Builder.addTestDevice() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setTestDeviceIds()
AdRequest.Builder.tagForChildDirectedTreatment() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setTagForChildDirectedTreatment()
AdRequest.Builder.setIsDesignedForFamilies() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setMaxAdContentRating()
AdFormat.UNKNOWN No replacement
AdLoader.Builder.forUnifiedNativeAd() AdLoader.Builder.forNativeAd()
AdLoader.Builder.forCustomTemplateAd() AdLoader.Builder.forCustomFormatAd()
AdLoader.Builder.withNativeAdOptions( AdLoader.Builder.withNativeAdOptions(
void MobileAds.setSameAppKeyEnabled() boolean MobileAds.putPublisherFirstPartyIdEnabled()

Migrate from v21 to v22

Use MobileAds.getVersion() to get the Google Mobile Ads SDK version

The MobileAds.getVersionString() method is removed in version 22.0.0 in favor of MobileAds.getVersion().

The new method returns the expected external version number—for example, 22.0.0. For more information about this change, see Use the new Google Mobile Ads SDK getVersion() method.

Removed or replaced methods

The table below lists the specific changes in version 22.0.0.

v21.0.0 v22.0.0
MobileAds.getVersionString() MobileAds.getVersion()
NativeCustomFormatAd.getVideoMediaView() NativeCustomFormatAd.getMediaContent()
NativeCustomFormatAd.getVideoController() NativeCustomFormatAd.getMediaContent().getVideoController()
AdRequest.Builder.setAdInfo() AdRequest.Builder.setAdString()
MediationRewardedVideoAdAdapter Adapter

Migrate from v20 to v21

Update minSdkVersion to 19 or higher

Starting from version 21.0.0, the Google Mobile Ads SDK requires all apps to be on a minimum Android API level 19 to run. To adjust the API level, change the value of minSdkVersion in your app's build file to 19 or higher.

Enforce strict nullability

In preparation for enforcing strict nullability, @NonNull annotations are added in all the APIs that previously did not explicitly define nullability.

This change may break the Kotlin apps and apps that use Java null checking frameworks if there are null safety violations and did not previously handle null values in a safe way (see the Kotlin documentation on Null-safety ).

Removal of addNetworkExtras() method

The addNetworkExtras() method that passes extra parameters as a NetworkExtras instance to a specific ad network adapter was deprecated in SDK version 20.3.0, and will be removed in version 21.0.0. Use the addNetworkExtrasBundle() method from the same AdRequest.Builder class instead.

Removal of location methods

The following location methods will be removed in version 21.0.0:

  • The setLocation(Location location) method in the AdRequest.Builder class that sets the user's location for mediation targeting purposes.
  • The getLocation() method in the AdRequest class that returns the user's location targeting information previously passed to the setLocation(Location location) method.
  • The getLocation() method in the MediationAdConfiguration class that returns the location of the user, if defined by the AdRequest.

The location data is not used by Google to target ads. You should use third-party APIs to provide the information to third-party ad networks if required.

Custom event interfaces deprecation

Custom events enable publishers using AdMob Mediation to set up a waterfall ad source that isn't one of AdMob's supported ad sources.

All the custom event interfaces are deprecated in favor of the Adapter class and MediationAdLoadCallback interface.

The table below lists the corresponding class or interface that should be used for each custom event interface starting from version 21.0.0:

v20.0.0 Interfaces v21.0.0 Class/ Interface
CustomEvent Adapter
CustomEventBannerListener Adapter, MediationAdLoadCallback

Migrate from v19 to v20

There are many breaking changes in version 20.0.0. Version 19.7.0 introduced many new APIs, and deprecated or renamed many classes in preparation for version 20.0.0. This guide highlights the major changes in version 20.0.0.

Full-screen format API updates

Starting with version 20.0.0, interstitial, rewarded, rewarded interstitial, and App Open ad formats are standardized to follow a consistent API design.

All full-screen format APIs utilize the following principles:

  • A static load method
  • A similar load callback or handler mechanism
  • Reliance on the FullScreenContentCallback class for presentation callbacks

Legacy RewardedVideoAd API removal

The newer RewardedAd API was first introduced back in March 2019 and has been the preferred rewarded API for over 18 months. It has had more enhancements compared to the legacy RewardedVideoAd API, including the ability to load more than one rewarded ad at a time.

The legacy RewardedVideoAd API is removed in SDK version 20.0.0.

Smart banner deprecation in favor of adaptive banner

Smart banner ads are deprecated in favor of adaptive banner ads. Adaptive banners provide superior performance and more flexibility in setting ad width. If you prefer to continue using full-width banners, that can still be done using adaptive banner, as shown in the following code snippet:


public class MyActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
  private AdSize getFullWidthAdaptiveSize() {
    Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
    DisplayMetrics outMetrics = new DisplayMetrics();

    float widthPixels = outMetrics.widthPixels;
    float density = outMetrics.density;

    int adWidth = (int) (widthPixels / density);
    return AdSize.getCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize(this, adWidth);


class MyActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
  private val adaptiveAdSize: AdSize
    get() {
      val display = windowManager.defaultDisplay
      val outMetrics = DisplayMetrics()

      val density = outMetrics.density

      var adWidthPixels = ad_view_container.width.toFloat()
      if (adWidthPixels == 0f) {
        adWidthPixels = outMetrics.widthPixels.toFloat()

      val adWidth = (adWidthPixels / density).toInt()
      return AdSize.getCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize(this, adWidth)

Leave application callback removal

The onAdLeftApplication callback for all ad formats has been removed in favor of ProcessLifecycleOwner. Using an OS-level API notifies you whenever users leave your app, regardless of whether or not it is due to an ad interaction.

Note that the onAdLeftApplication callback was never intended to be an ad click handler, and relying on this callback to report clicks did not produce an accurate metric. For example, a click on the AdChoices icon that launched an external browser invoked the callback but did not count as a click.

Class renames

The table below lists specific class names that have changed or been removed. In summary:

  • Most classes related to UnifiedNativeAd have been renamed to NativeAd.
  • The MobileAds.Settings, NativeExpressAdView, NativeAppInstallAd, NativeContentAd, and InstreamAd classes and views have been removed.
  • All classes with the Publisher prefix have been replaced with an AdManager prefix.
  • The InterstitialAd package name has changed.
19.5.0 Class 20.0.0 Class
reward.RewardedVideoAd rewarded.RewardedAd
reward.RewardedVideoAdListener rewarded.RewardedAdLoadCallback and FullScreenContentCallback
reward.RewardItem rewarded.RewardItem
rewarded.RewardedAdCallback OnUserEarnedRewardListener
formats.UnifiedNativeAdView nativead.NativeAdView
formats.UnifiedNativeAd nativead.NativeAd
formats.UnifiedNativeAdAssetNames nativead.NativeAdAssetNames
formats.UnifiedNativeAd.OnUnifiedNativeAdLoadedListener nativead.NativeAd.OnNativeAdLoadedListener
formats.AdChoicesView nativead.AdChoicesView
formats.NativeAd.AdChoicesInfo nativead.NativeAd.AdChoicesInfo
formats.MediaView nativead.MediaView
formats.NativeAdViewHolder nativead.NativeAdViewHolder
formats.NativeAdOptions nativead.NativeAdOptions
formats.NativeCustomTemplateAd nativead.NativeCustomFormatAd
formats.NativeCustomTemplateAd.OnCustomTemplateAdLoadedListener nativead.NativeCustomFormatAd.OnCustomFormatAdLoadedListener
MobileAds.Settings Removed
doubleclick.PublisherAdRequest admanager.AdManagerAdRequest
doubleclick.PublisherAdView admanager.AdManagerAdView
formats.PublisherAdViewOptions formats.AdManagerAdViewOptions
doubleclick.PublisherInterstitialAd admanager.AdManagerInterstitialAd
InterstitialAd interstitial.InterstitialAd
NativeExpressAdView Removed
instream.InstreamAd Removed
mediation.admob.AdMobExtras Removed
Correlator Removed
search.SearchAdRequest Removed
Interface AdRequest.TagForUnderAgeOfConsent Removed
Interface AdRequest.MaxAdContentRating Removed
formats.NativeAppInstallAd native.NativeAd
formats.NativeAppInstallAdView native.NativeAdView
mediation.NativeAppInstallAdMapper mediation.UnifiedNativeAdMapper
formats.NativeContentAd native.NativeAd
formats.NativeContentAdView native.NativeAdView
mediation.NativeContentAdMapper mediation.UnifiedNativeAdMapper

Methods removed/replaced

The table below lists the specific changes in version 20.0.0. In summary:

  • Outdated initialization methods have been removed from the MobileAds class.
  • Some methods from the AdRequest.Builder() class have either been removed or moved to the RequestConfiguration class.
  • RewardedAd and InterstitialAd APIs have been updated to align with all full-screen formats.
  • Correlator features have been removed.
Class v19.5.0 API v20.0.0 API Notes
AdSize getPortraitBannerAdSizeWithWidth() getPortraitAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize()
getLandscapeBannerAdSizeWithWidth() getLandscapeAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize()
getCurrentOrientationBannerAdSizeWithWidth() getCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize()
MobileAds initialize(Context, String) MobileAds.initialize(Context, OnInitializationCompleteListener) The app ID is now set in the AndroidManifest.xml.
initialize(Context, String, MobileAds.Settings) initialize(Context, OnInitializationCompleteListener) The Settings class has been deprecated.
getRewardedVideoAdInstance() Removed Use the RewardedAd API instead.
AdListener onAdFailedToLoad(int) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onAdLeftApplication() Removed Full-screen ad formats use FullscreenContentCallback in place of AdListener, and there is no equivalent method on FullscreenContentCallback. The method has been removed from AdListener.
VideoController getAspectRatio() MediaContent.getAspectRatio()
AdRequest getGender() Removed
getBirthday() Removed
getNetworkExtras() Removed
setManualImpressionsEnabled() Removed
updateCorrelator() Removed See Ad content filtering.
AdRequest.Builder setBirthday() Removed
setGender() Removed
setIsDesignedForFamilies() Removed See guide.
addTestDevice() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setTestDeviceIds() See Enabling test ads.
tagForChildDirectedTreatment() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setTagForChildDirectedTreatment() See Ad content filtering.
setTagForUnderAgeOfConsent() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setTagForUnderAgeOfConsent()
setMaxAdContentRating() RequestConfiguration.Builder.setMaxAdContentRating()
AdView getMediationAdapterClassName() ResponseInfo.getMediationAdapterClassName() A ResponseInfo object is now available via the AdView method getResponseInfo().
NativeAdOptions setImageOrientation() setMediaAspectRatio()
getImageOrientation getMediaAspectRatio()
RewardedAd loadAd(AdRequest, RewardedAdLoadCallback) RewardedAd.load(Context, String, AdRequest, RewardedAdLoadCallback) RewardedAd now uses the same static load approach as other full-screen formats.
loadAd(PublisherAdRequest, RewardedAdLoadCallback) RewardedAd.load(Context, String, AdManagerAdRequest, RewardedAdLoadCallback)
isLoaded() Removed The callback from the static load method provides an ad that is already loaded.
show(Activity, RewardedAdCallback) show(Activity, OnUserEarnedRewardListener) This show method adheres to the broader full-screen format approach.
RewardedAdLoadCallback onRewardedAdFailedToLoad(int) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onRewardedAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onRewardedAdLoaded() onAdLoaded(RewardedAd)
AppOpenAdLoadCallback onAppOpenAdFailedToLoad(int) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onAppOpenAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onAppOpenAdLoaded(AppOpenAd) onAdLoaded(AppOpenAd)
RewardedInterstitialAdLoadCallback onRewardedInterstitialAdFailedToLoad(int) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onRewardedInterstitialAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError) onAdFailedToLoad(LoadAdError)
onRewardedInterstitialAdLoaded(RewardedInterstitialAd) onAdLoaded(RewardedInterstitialAd)
InterstitialAd new InterstitialAd() InterstitialAd.load(Context, String, AdRequest, InterstitialAdLoadCallback) InterstitialAd now uses the same static load approach as other full-screen formats.
DynamicHeightSearchAdRequest getNetworkExtras() Removed The NetworkExtras class has been deprecated.
AdLoader forContentAd() Removed
forAppInstallAd() Removed
withCorrelator() Removed
getMediationAdapterClassName() Removed