Samples using Sceneform

SDK samples

These samples are intended to get developers up and running with Sceneform with minimal effort. They are intentionally small and highlight the key items needed in order to use Sceneform.

These samples are published in the Sceneform SDK for Android repository on GitHub. They are updated every release.

  • HelloSceneform is the most straightforward of the samples, showing how to use ArFragment for automatically managing the ARCore session.
  • Animation shows how to use models imported with animation data.
  • AugmentedFaces shows how to identify and apply textures and models to different regions and vertices of a face.
  • Augmented Images demonstrates using ARCore Augmented Images API with Sceneform.
  • Solar System demonstrates loading multiple models and using local coordinate space to position and rotate objects.
  • ChromaKey Video demonstrates using an ExternalTexture and a custom material to display Chroma Keyed (green screen) video on a renderable.
  • VideoRecording Sample shows how to use the sample VideoRecording class to capture Sceneform Sceneviews to a local video file.

Usage samples

Usage samples are inspired by issues and questions from you, developers using Sceneform. These samples are designed to show some specific aspect of Sceneform. These samples are independent of the Sceneform SDK releases, and as such, are updated at different times based on need or current topics related to using Sceneform.

Details on these samples are located in the sceneform-samples project on GitHub.