Creating animations for Sceneform

To implement animation in Sceneform, you need models with animation data. These models are created ahead of time by artists using 3D modeling and animation software. These animations must be exported as *.fbx files, then imported into a *.sfb file to be used in Sceneform.

To ensure they're compatible with ARCore, *.fbx files should be saved using supported settings. You can then import these files into your project as *.sfb files.

FBX asset format and requirements

We recommend and support the following settings for *.fbx files exported from modeling and animation software.

  • File format: FBX 2016/2017 or later

  • Axis conversion: Up axis is Y

  • Scale factor: Centimeters

  • Required geometry settings:

    • Smoothing groups
    • Smooth mesh
    • Referenced asset content
  • Recommended geometry settings:

    • Tangents and binormals
    • Triangulate
    • NURBS
  • Animation: enabled

  • Deformed models settings:

    • Deformed models
    • Skins