Usage guidelines for ML Kit on-device translation

In order to use the on-device Translation API in your application, you need to comply with the following guidelines. These guidelines may change from time to time, and without prior notice from Google. Your continued use of the on-device Translation API is contingent upon your adherence to these guidelines. If you're uncomfortable with any of these branding guidelines, discontinue your use of the API and contact us with your concerns.


An app that uses the ML Kit on-device Translation API must comply with the Google Cloud Translation API attribution requirements, as far as they apply to applications. These requirements cover guidelines on how your app must handle layout, Google attribution, and branding.


ML Kit’s on-device Translation API may not be used in any applications for any embedded devices such as cars, TVs, appliances, or speakers without Google's prior written permission. This Service can only be integrated with applications for the following personal computing devices: smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers.