Early access program

ML Kit’s early access program gives developers the opportunity to partner with the ML Kit team and have access to upcoming APIs that are still under development. This collaboration allows us to optimize the implementations before we make them widely available in the official release.

We make decisions on the release of an API based on the feedback we receive during the early access program.

The early access program also lets developers help shape the design of new APIs by giving us feedback on the onboarding experience, thoughts on features, and suggestions on how it can be used. We make decisions on the release of an API partially based on your feedback.

If you create an interesting app, it could potentially be showcased on the ML Kit site.

Early access APIs

We are accepting applications for early access to these APIs:

  • Product recognition: Allows developers to recognize and gather information on supermarket products based on packaging.

Visit the pages for these APIs for instructions on how to sign up for early access.

If your request is accepted, a member of the ML Kit team will contact you and give a detailed document outlining the EAP terms and usage instructions. Depending on the particular API, you might have to complete additional forms to sign in accordance with the program.

The ML Kit team will stay in touch to establish the steps for providing feedback once you start using the API.