The Trip and Order Progress capability lets you build On-demand Rides and Deliveries Solution applications that keep your trip consumers and drivers informed of trip and vehicle progress from pickup to drop-off or delivery.

You can show real-time route progress, ETA, and traffic conditions, so that your consumers know exactly where their driver is, when their food will arrive, or when they’ll get to their destination.

Trip and Order Progress

What is the Trip and Order Progress capability?

When you build the Trip and Order Progress capability into your application, your trip consumers see the driver's route overlaid on top of a map. Consumers can see the vehicle's current location as it makes its way along the route, with its position updated periodically. Consumers can also see the vehicle's estimated time of arrival (ETA), distance remaining, and live traffic on the driver's route.

When you integrate Trip and Order Progress into the driver's application, the driver's current location, route, and ETA are sent to the Fleet Engine. The consumer application can then receive that information from the Fleet Engine.

The following image show a Trip and Order Progress consumer application:

Consumer app

This trip is an example of a single destination trip -- a trip with a single pickup and drop-off location. Trip and Order Progress also supports the following trip types:

  • Multi-destination: A trip that has one or more stops, or waypoints, before reaching the final destination.

  • Back-to-back: Independent trips that occur one right after the other. This is typical when the driver commits to picking up the next consumer before completing the current trip.

  • Shared Pooling: Pooled trips for multiple consumers or deliveries that simultaneously share the vehicle. These trips are concurrent rather than independent. For example:

    • When an airport shuttle drops off customers at different locations along the route.

    • When a driver drops off food or grocery deliveries to multiple consumers along the way.

The following image illustrates the differences between Trip and Order Progress trip types:

Trip types

Why use the Trip and Order Progress capability?

By integrating Trip and Order Progress into your On-demand Rides and Deliveries Solution applications, you provide a comprehensive vehicle tracking experience, with near real-time position updates and smooth animation including road-snapping for the consumer. You can include updates when the driver deviates from the current route and provide UI customizations to fit your branding needs.

Trip and Order Progress makes it easy to provide reliable driver tracking experience to your consumers in mobile apps and on the web. You can use information from the Driver SDK and Fleet Engine to create rich mobile SDK views and web service responses that provide:

  • The live road-snapped position of the driver's vehicle
  • The actual route the driver is taking through waypoints (invisible to the user)
  • Live traffic on the driver’s route
  • The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for pickup and drop-off locations

In addition, you can rely on Google to build, scale, and maintain this service so you can reduce development costs while delivering the best experience to your consumers.

The Trip and Order Progress capability provides platform-specific APIs, letting you can build Trip and Order Progress natively into your applications using the same tools you use today. Use the Consumer SDK and Driver SDK libraries for either the Android or iOS.