Verifying authorization setup and initializing the project

This guide helps you verify that your Fleet Engine authorization setup is complete, and that you can create a trial delivery vehicle. This guide uses the gcloud command line utility to test authorization token signing and delivery vehicle creation.

To complete this process, replace the fields below with the data you created as part of the setup:

Field Replace with
PROJECT_ID Your Cloud project ID.
SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL_ADDRESS The email address of a service account you've created with the roles/fleetengine.deliveryAdmin role. See IAM Roles for details.
DELIVERY_VEHICLE_ID A random ID for a delivery vehicle. The ID can contain a maximum of 64 characters.
  1. Use the gcloud utility to log into the Google Cloud account and set the currently active project on your workstation:

    gcloud auth login
    gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID
  2. Create a JSON Web Token (JWT) claim for delivery vehicle creation:

    cat > claim.jwt << EOM
      "aud": "",
      "iat": $(date +%s),
      "exp": $((`date +%s` + 3600)),
      "authorization": {
        "deliveryvehicleid": "DELIVERY_VEHICLE_ID"
  3. Use gcloud to sign this JWT:

    gcloud beta iam service-accounts sign-jwt claim.jwt output.jwt \

    The signed JWT is stored in output.jwt.

    Refer to the gcloud command line guide for more details.

  4. Use curl to create a test delivery vehicle on Fleet Engine:

    curl -X POST "" \
      -H "Content-type: application/json" \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer $(cat output.jwt)" \
      --data-binary @- << EOM
      "name": "providers/PROJECT_ID/deliveryVehicles/DELIVERY_VEHICLE_ID"

    This command should print the name of the delivery vehicle as output. If you see the following text, your setup is successful!

      "name": "providers/PROJECT_ID/deliveryVehicles/DELIVERY_VEHICLE_ID"

    See Create a vehicle in the Fleet Engine documentation for details.