Introduction to Fleet Events

Access the Fleet Events Reference Solution

The Fleet Events reference solution is an open-source solution available on GitHub. The open-source solution leverages common Google Cloud Platform components like Cloud Functions to provide an end-to-end reference solution. The reference solution provides both predefined events and options for customization, such as when an event is triggered, where notifications are sent and more.

The Fleet Events reference solution lets you generate useful events from your Fleet Engine data. With the available event notifications from the reference solution, you can set your own thresholds and receive notifications from the system whenever the following items change status:

  1. Change in ETA and relative ETA
  2. Change in distance or time remaining in the trip
  3. Change in task outcome
  4. Change in task state

Get started

To get started, we recommend you check out the README available on GitHub. The README details the different components of the reference solution, billing considerations, troubleshooting steps and more.

Feedback, contributions & questions

If you have feedback or questions relating to the Fleet Events reference solution, please contact the team at

Google welcomes contributions to the reference solution. Please fork the GitHub repository to make a contribution.