Revoke ID tokens


User consent to share an ID token can be revoked.

Users signing in for the first time are prompted for consent to share their Google Account profile information with your platform.

If user consent is given a JSON Web Token (JWT) credential known as an ID token is shared when any of the Sign In With Google, One Tap or Automatic sign-in buttons are loaded.

A common scenario is for a new user account to be created on your platform during sign up. Later, a user may choose to delete their account and "unlink" your platform from their Google Account, stopping ID token sharing.

Calling the revoke method requires the Google Account owner to re-consent to share the ID token on their next visit to your site.

Revocation methods

Google uses an OAuth 2.0 grant to manage user consent and ID token sharing to your platform's Client ID. Revoking consent stops Google from sharing the ID token when the client library is loaded by any pages on your site.

These methods can be used to revoke consent,

  1. Users sign in to their Google Account, find your app in the Third-party apps with account access settings and select Remove Access.
  2. Your platform calls

The following code sample shows how to use the revoke method.'', done => {
    console.log('consent revoked');