Providing conference solution logos

In your add-on manifest, you may specify a distinct conferenceSolution[].logoUrl for each conference solution your add-on defines. These conferenceSolution[].logoUrl images are used directly in the Google Calendar user interface to visually identify the conference solution.

Since these logoUrl images are used within Calendar directly, for performance reasons the images cannot be hosted on at any location. They must be present on Google's infrastructure. To achieve this, you can upload your add-on's logo image to Google Photos.

To obtain a conferenceSolution[].logoUrl you can use in your manifest, do the following:

  1. Upload the logos to Google Photos. These images need to stay where they are for the lifetime of the add-on. Therefore, be sure to use a Google account can be transferred to a new owner if you leave your current organization, rather than a personal account.

    The images uploaded should be sized to 96 x 96 dp.

  2. For each logo in Google Photos, obtain a public URL for the image with the following steps:
    1. Select the image.
    2. Click the icon in the top bar.
    3. Click the icon to add the image to a publicly-viewable album and provide you a link to it.
    4. Click the generated link to open the album.
    5. Click on the logo image to open it in a full-screen view.
    6. Right-click on the image, then select Copy image address. This is the URL you need to provide in your manifest.
  3. Add each URL you obtain to the appropriate places in your add-on manifest.