Prepare for SDK v8

Google Mobile Ads SDK version 8.0.0 is planned for early 2021, and comes with a few major changes, as well as several straightforward API renames and removal of deprecated APIs.

Major changes

Full-screen format API updates

In version 8.0.0, Interstitial, Rewarded, Rewarded Interstitial, and App Open ad formats are standardized so that they all follow a similar API design pattern.

All full-screen format APIs utilize the following design:

  • A static load method
  • A similar load callback or handler mechanism
  • Reliance on the GADFullScreenContentDelegate class for presentation callbacks

See the full-screen format migration guide for more information.

Legacy GADRewardedBasedVideoAd API is removed

The newer GADRewardedAd API was first introduced back in March 2019 and has been the preferred rewarded API for over 18 months. It has several improvements compared to the legacy GADRewardedBasedVideoAd API, including the ability to load more than one rewarded ad at a time.

The legacy API is removed in SDK version 8.0.0.

Smart banner is deprecated in favor of adaptive banner

Smart banner ads are deprecated in favor of adaptive banner ads. Adaptive banners provide superior performance and more flexibility in setting ad width. If you prefer to continue using full-width banners, that can still be done using adaptive banner, as shown in the following code snippet:


class ViewController: UIViewController {

  override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
    // Note: The safe area is not known until viewWillAppear.
    let adSize = getFullWidthAdaptiveAdSize()

  func getFullWidthAdaptiveAdSize() -> GADAdSize {
    // Here safe area is taken into account, hence the view frame is used after the
    // view has been laid out.
    let frame = { () -> CGRect in
      if #available(iOS 11.0, *) {
        return view.frame.inset(by: view.safeAreaInsets)
      } else {
        return view.frame
    return GADCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSizeWithWidth(frame.size.width)


@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
  [super viewDidAppear:animated];
  // Note: The safe area is not known until viewWillAppear.
  GADAdSize adSize = [self getFullWidthAdaptiveAdSize];

- (GADAdSize)getFullWidthAdaptiveAdSize {
  CGRect frame = self.view.frame;
  // Here safe area is taken into account, hence the view frame is used after
  // the view has been laid out.
  if (@available(iOS 11.0, *)) {
    frame = UIEdgeInsetsInsetRect(self.view.frame, self.view.safeAreaInsets);
  return GADCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSizeWithWidth(frame.size.width);


Removal of the leave application callback

The willLeaveApplication callback for all ad formats has been removed in favor of the applicationDidEnterBackground: and sceneDidEnterBackground: methods. Using OS-level APIs notify you whenever users leave your app, regardless of whether or not it is due to an ad interaction.

Note that the willLeaveApplication callback was never intended to be an ad click handler, and relying on this callback to report clicks did not produce an accurate metric. For example, a click on the AdChoices icon that launched an external browser invoked the callback but did not count a click.

Class renames

The table below lists specific class names that have changed or been removed in version 8.0.0. In summary:

  • All classes related to GADUnifiedNativeAd have been renamed to GADNativeAd.
  • GADRewardBasedVideoAd, GADNativeExpressAdView, and GADInstreamAd have been removed.
  • All classes with the DFP prefix have been replaced with a GAM prefix.
v7.68.0 Class v8.0.0 Class
DFPBannerView GAMBannerView
DFPBannerViewOptions GAMBannerViewOptions
DFPInterstitial GAMInterstitialAd
DFPRequest GAMRequest
GADRequestError NSError
GADUnifiedNativeAdView GADNativeAdView
GADUnifiedNativeAd GADNativeAd
GADUnifiedNativeAdAssetIdentifiers GADNativeAdAssetIdentifiers
GADUnifiedNativeAdDelegate GADNativeAdDelegate
GADUnifiedNativeAdUnconfirmedClickDelegate GADNativeAdUnconfirmedClickDelegate
GADNativeCustomTemplateAd GADCustomNativeAd
GADNativeCustomTemplateAdLoaderDelegate GADCustomNativeAdLoaderDelegate
GADNativeAdDelegate GADCustomNativeAdDelegate
GADAdLoaderOptions GADAdOptions
GADNativeAdMediaAdLoaderOptions GADNativeAdMediaAdOptions
GADInAppPurchase Removed
GADInterstitial GADInterstitialAd
GADNativeExpressAdView Removed
GADRewardBasedVideoAd Removed
GADInstreamAd Removed
GADInstreamAdView Removed

Methods removed/replaced

The table below lists the specific changes in version 8.0.0. In summary:

  • Previously deprecated methods and properties have been removed.
  • -willLeaveApplication: delegate methods have been removed for all formats.
  • The ad network class name has moved to the GADResponseInfo property.
  • The test device identifier has moved to the GADRequestConfiguration property.
v7.68.0 Class v7.68.0 API v8.0.0 API Notes
GADMobileAds +configureWithApplicationID: -startWithCompletionHandler: The app ID is now set in Info.plist.
+disableAutomatedInAppPurchaseReporting -disableAutomatedInAppPurchaseReporting
+disableSDKCrashReporting -disableSDKCrashReporting
GADRequest testDevices GADRequestConfiguration.testdeviceidentifiers The testDeviceIdentifiers property applies to all ad requests, while the old testDevices property was set per-request.
gender Removed
birthday Removed
+sdkVersion GADMobileAds.sharedInstance.sdkVersion
-setBirthdayWithMonth:day:year: Removed
-setLocationWithDescription: -setLocationWithLatitude:longitude:accuracy:
-tagForChildDirectedTreatment: [GADMobileAds.sharedInstance.requestConfiguration tagForChildDirectedTreatment]
GADErrorCode kGADError* GADError* The k prefix is dropped from all error code constants.
GADBannerView hasAutoRefreshed autoloadEnabled
inAppPurchaseDelegate Removed
mediatedAdView Removed
adNetworkClassName responseInfo.adNetworkClassName
DFPBannerView -setValidAdSizesWithSizes: -setValidAdSizes:
DFPBannerViewOptions -adSizeDelegate Removed
GADBannerViewDelegate -adViewDidReceiveAd: -bannerViewDidReceiveAd:
-adView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError: -bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError:
-adViewWillPresentScreen: -bannerViewWillPresentScreen:
-adViewWillDismissScreen: -banerViewWillDismissScreen:
-adViewDidDismissScreen: -bannerViewDidDismissScreen:
-adViewWillLeaveApplication: Removed
GADNativeCustomTemplateAd templateID GADCustomNativeAd.formatID
-performClickOnAssetWithKey:customClickHandler: -performClickOnAssetWithKey:
GADNativeAdImageAdLoaderOptions preferredImageOrientation GADNativeAdMediaAdOptions.mediaAspectRatio
GADInterstitial inAppPurchaseDelegate Removed
isReady Removed Use canPresentFromRootViewController:error: instead.
hasBeenUsed Removed
-init -initWithAdUnitID:
-setAdUnitID: -initWithAdUnitID:
adNetworkClassName responseInfo.adNetworkClassName
-interstitialWillLeaveApplication: Removed
GADUnifiedNativeAd videoController mediaContent.videoController
adNetworkClassName responseInfo.adNetworkClassName