Native Validator

Custom rendering lets you design an ad placement that matches the style of your app. While this provides a lot of flexibility, it's important to ensure your placements remain compliant with Ad Manager policies.

Native Validator is a new feature to help you catch policy violations before your app ships. It automatically identifies certain policy violations in your app and notifies you through the app's UI.

Native Validator is enabled by default for test ads, but can be disabled as shown below. Keep in mind however that once the validator is disabled, test ads will no longer show information about potential issues with your ad layouts.


  • Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.68.0 or higher.

Using Native Validator

Native Validator automatically alerts you of certain policy violations in your UI through an overlay popup next to the ad.

Clicking on See Issues takes you to a fullscreen list of the relevant policy violations.

Disabling the validator

To disable Native Validator, add GADNativeAdValidatorEnabled = false to your Info.plist.


Or, edit it in the property list editor: