Onboarding Health Dashboard

Onboarding Health Dashboards

The onboarding health dashboards are environment specific and will allow you to see the current health of your Reservations Business Linkintegration in your sandbox and production environments.

During onboarding, the sandbox dashboard will show you which areas of the integration you have completed and which areas of the integration still need more attention. In order to launch it is expected that you have a healthy integration in both Sandbox and Production.

Accessing the Onboarding Health Dashboards

Once logged into the Partner Portal, select the “Onboarding Health” link under “Dashboards.” The onboarding health dashboards can only be used by partners on v3 of end-to-end integrations (ie not waitlist, business link, or redirect integrations).

Switching between Sandbox and Production dashboards

The Onboarding Health dashboard is available in both sandbox and production environments in the partner portal. To switch between production and sandbox please follow the environment switcher documentation

What each status means

There are three different status options you will see next to each onboarding health check:

  • Pass (Green): You are currently passing this check. All criteria are currently being met.
  • Fail (Red): The integration is not currently passing the criteria for this integration health check. This could be because you have not begun working on this aspect of the integration yet.
  • N/A (Yellow): This onboarding health check does not apply to your integration.This could be because a specific feature has been turned off for your integration. You do not need to worry about these checks.

What criteria do I need to meet to get a passing score?

In order for your Reservations Business Link integration to be considered healthy, you will need every check to say either Pass (Green) or N/A (Yellow).

Each different onboarding health check will have the criteria listed next to the check on the right of the page. The criteria are based off of successful and error free feed uploads, booking server api responses, and real-time update requests.

The number of attempts needed will vary by environment (production vs sandbox) as well as the route (for example, you will need to make more tests for CheckAvailability/BatchAvailabilityLookup than you would need to for CreateBooking). Each test that is not passing will have a description next to the score telling you what criteria has not been met.

How often does this dashboard update?

The onboarding health dashboards update once every two hours. After you make a change to the integration you will need to re-test that portion of the integration and wait two hours for the changes to reflect.

For example, if you update your CreateBooking route, you will need to test that route from the Actions Center frontend and wait two hours for the changes to reflect on the dashboard.

Why are there things I did not implement on the onboarding health dashboard?

Because there are different types of integrations available, there may be some onboarding health checks that do not apply to you. If a specific check does not apply to your Reservations Business Link integration, it will be marked as N/A in yellow. Certain checks map apply to a variety of integration types. For example:

  • The BatchAvailabilityLookup check also works for CheckAvailability.

If you are unsure of the exact criteria for a specific onboarding health check, you can reference the guide on the right of the page.