Monitor metrics for Google Workspace APIs

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To monitor the health and performance of your applications, metrics about Google Workspace APIs are automatically collected and stored in the Google Cloud console. You can visualize your data to see trends, identify outliers, and view details about your data.

To view data about Google Workspace APIs, do the following:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, click Menu > More products > Google Workspace > Metrics.

    Go to Metrics

    For example, you can start at a summary view of all metrics for all Google Workspace API and view the following information:

    • Traffic
    • Errors
    • Median latency
  2. To filter this data, click More filters.

  3. To group that data in the graph, click Grouped by and select one of the following:

    • Response codes
    • API
    • API method
  4. To get more granular, filter data by an individual Google Workspace API. Click All Google Workspace APIs, then select an API.

  5. In addition to the other data filters for all Google Workspace APIs, you can group data for an API by the following platforms:

    • JavaScript
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web service