Trip and Order Progress

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FleetEngineTripLocationProvider class

google.maps.journeySharing.FleetEngineTripLocationProvider class

Trip location provider.

This class extends PollingLocationProvider.

Load using the &libraries=journeySharing URL parameter. See Libraries in the Maps JavaScript API.

When using v=beta, can be accessed by calling const {FleetEngineTripLocationProvider} = await"journeySharing"). See Libraries in the Maps JavaScript API.

Creates a new location provider for a Fleet Engine trip.
Type:  string
The ID for the trip that this location provider observes. Set this field to begin tracking.
Inherited: isPolling
Parameters:  None
Return Value:  void
Explicitly refreshes the tracked location.
Inherited: addListener
Event that is triggered when the location provider encounters an error.
Event that is triggered when a Fleet Engine data update request has finished.
Inherited: ispollingchange

FleetEngineTripLocationProviderOptions interface

google.maps.journeySharing.FleetEngineTripLocationProviderOptions interface

Options for trip location provider.

Load using the &libraries=journeySharing URL parameter. See Libraries in the Maps JavaScript API.

Provides JSON Web Tokens for authenticating the client to Fleet Engine.
Type:  string
The consumer's project ID from Google Cloud Console.
pollingIntervalMillis optional
Type:  number optional
Minimum time between fetching location updates in milliseconds. If it takes longer than pollingIntervalMillis to fetch a location update, the next location update is not started until the current one finishes.

Setting this value to 0 disables recurring location updates. A new location update is fetched if any of the parameters observed by the location provider changes.

The default polling interval is 5000 milliseconds, the minimum interval. If you set the polling interval to a lower non-zero value, 5000 is used.

tripId optional
Type:  string optional
The trip ID to track immediately after the location provider is instantiated. If not specified, the location provider does not start tracking any trip; use FleetEngineTripLocationProvider.tripId to set the ID and begin tracking.

FleetEngineTripLocationProviderUpdateEvent interface

google.maps.journeySharing.FleetEngineTripLocationProviderUpdateEvent interface

The event object passed to the event handler when the FleetEngineTripLocationProvider.update event is triggered.

Load using the &libraries=journeySharing URL parameter. See Libraries in the Maps JavaScript API.

trip optional
Type:  Trip optional
The trip structure returned by the update. Unmodifiable.