Retrieve a video's metadata

Given a valid address or videoID, the lookupVideoMetadata method returns metadata associated with a given video. The metadata in the response body lets you determine the freshness of the imagery, length of the video, and also provides a free workflow for confirming the existence of videos.

How to use the API

Call this endpoint by passing it a URL-encoded US postal address or a videoId.

curl -X GET ""

The API then returns one of the following two responses:

  • If the video exists, lookupVideoMetadata returns the video's metadata.
  • If the video doesn't exist, the API returns a 404 error code.

Example request

The following code sample requests an aerial view video for the Transamerica Pyramid, located at 600 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111.

curl -X GET ""

Example response

The following JSON examples demonstrate all possible responses to the lookupVideoMetadata request.

Video found

The video has already been rendered.

  "videoId": "Ul1naoFmqo69U1zUVrQRkc",
  "captureDate": {
    "year": 2022,
    "month": 4,
    "day": 1
  "duration": "40s",
  "state": "ACTIVE"

Video is rendering

The video is rendering.

  "videoId": "Ul1naoFmqo69U1zUVrQRkc",
  "state": "PROCESSING"

Video not found

The video isn't in Google's database. This could be because it either hasn't yet been rendered, or because the location is in an area that isn't supported.

If the location is in a supported area, you can use renderVideo to initiate a render request.

  "error": {
    "code": 404,
    "message": "Video not found.",
    "status": "NOT_FOUND"