Publisher profiles

You can use the publisherProfiles resource to view information about publishers you're negotiating with.

For example, when a deal is finalized and serving, domains and mobileApps describe the origin of inventory you receive in bid requests from the publisher.

When you use the deals, finalizedDeals, and proposals resources, the publisher is identified by the full PublisherProfile resource path found in name.

Not all publishers share full profiles. In these cases, you receive the following fields:

  • name
  • displayName
  • isParent

A publisher can have multiple publisher profiles under a single parent profile. Each child profile represents a portion of the publisher’s inventory. All of the publisher’s inventory is represented in the parent profile. If a publisher profile is a parent, the isParent field is set to True.

All publishers have a unique publisherCode. You can filter by publisherCode when calling publisherProfiles.list to find all of the profiles that are associated with a given publisher.

Some fields aren’t populated depending on whether the profile is a parent or child. For example, domains and mobileApps aren’t populated for parent profiles.