The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum MediaBundleError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration of the reasons for the MediaBundleError

Enumeration Description
ENTRY_POINT_CANNOT_BE_SET_USING_MEDIA_SERVICE The entryPoint field cannot be set using the MediaService.
BAD_REQUEST There was a problem with the request.
DOUBLECLICK_BUNDLE_NOT_ALLOWED HTML5 ads using DoubleClick Studio created ZIP files are not supported.
EXTERNAL_URL_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot reference URL external to the media bundle.
FILE_TOO_LARGE Media bundle file is too large.
GOOGLE_WEB_DESIGNER_ZIP_FILE_NOT_PUBLISHED ZIP file from Google Web Designer is not published.
INVALID_INPUT Input was invalid.
INVALID_MEDIA_BUNDLE There was a problem with the media bundle.
INVALID_MEDIA_BUNDLE_ENTRY There was a problem with one or more of the media bundle entries.
INVALID_MIME_TYPE The media bundle contains a file with an unknown mime type
INVALID_PATH The media bundle contain an invalid asset path.
INVALID_URL_REFERENCE HTML5 ad is trying to reference an asset not in .ZIP file
MEDIA_DATA_TOO_LARGE Media data is too large.
MISSING_PRIMARY_MEDIA_BUNDLE_ENTRY The media bundle contains no primary entry.
SERVER_ERROR There was an error on the server.
STORAGE_ERROR The image could not be stored.
SWIFFY_BUNDLE_NOT_ALLOWED Media bundle created with the Swiffy tool is not allowed.
TOO_MANY_FILES The media bundle contains too many files.
UNEXPECTED_SIZE The media bundle is not of legal dimensions.
UNSUPPORTED_GOOGLE_WEB_DESIGNER_ENVIRONMENT Google Web Designer not created for "AdWords" environment.
UNSUPPORTED_HTML5_FEATURE Unsupported HTML5 feature in HTML5 asset.
URL_IN_MEDIA_BUNDLE_NOT_SSL_COMPLIANT URL in HTML5 entry is not ssl compliant.
CUSTOM_EXIT_NOT_ALLOWED Custom exits not allowed in HTML5 entry.