The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum ConversionTrackingError.Reason (v201809)

Enumerates all the possible reasons for a ConversionTypeError.

Enumeration Description
ALREADY_CREATED_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_TYPE An attempt to make a forked conversion type from a global conversion type was made, but there already exists a conversion type forked from this global conversion type.
ANALYTICS_NOT_ALLOWED This user is not whitelisted for the import of Analytics goals and profiles, and yet requested to mutate an Analytics conversion type.
CANNOT_ADD_CONVERSION_TYPE_SUBCLASS Cannot execute an ADD operation on this subclass of ConversionType (currently, only instances of AdWordsConversionType may be added).
CANNOT_ADD_EXTERNALLY_ATTRIBUTED_SALESFORCE_CONVERSION Creating an upload conversion type with isExternallyAttributedConversion and isSalesforceConversion both set is not allowed.
CANNOT_CHANGE_APP_CONVERSION_TYPE AppConversions cannot change app conversion types once it has been set.
CANNOT_CHANGE_APP_PLATFORM AppConversions cannot change app platforms once it has been set.
CANNNOT_CHANGE_CONVERSION_SUBCLASS Cannot change between subclasses of ConversionType
CANNOT_SET_HIDDEN_STATUS If a conversion type's status is initially non-hidden, it may not be changed to Hidden; nor may hidden conversion types be created through the API. Hidden conversion types are typically created by backend processes.
CATEGORY_IS_UNEDITABLE The user attempted to change the Category when it was uneditable.
ATTRIBUTION_MODEL_IS_UNEDITABLE The attribution model of the conversion type is uneditable.
ATTRIBUTION_MODEL_CANNOT_BE_UNKNOWN The attribution model of the conversion type cannot be unknown.
DATA_DRIVEN_MODEL_WAS_NEVER_GENERATED The attribution model cannot be set to DATA_DRIVEN because a data-driven model has never been generated.
DATA_DRIVEN_MODEL_IS_EXPIRED The attribution model cannot be set to DATA_DRIVEN because the data-driven model is expired.
DATA_DRIVEN_MODEL_IS_STALE The attribution model cannot be set to DATA_DRIVEN because the data-driven model is stale.
DATA_DRIVEN_MODEL_IS_UNKNOWN The attribution model cannot be set to DATA_DRIVEN because the data-driven model is unavailable or the conversion type was newly added.
CONVERSION_TYPE_NOT_FOUND An attempt to access a conversion type failed because no conversion type with this ID exists for this account.
CTC_LOOKBACK_WINDOW_IS_UNEDITABLE The user attempted to change the click-through conversion (ctc) lookback window when it is not editable.
DOMAIN_EXCEPTION An exception occurred in the domain layer during an attempt to process a ConversionTypeOperation.
INCONSISTENT_COUNTING_TYPE An attempt was made to set a counting type inconsistent with other properties. Currently, AppConversion with appConversionType = DOWNLOAD and appPlatform = ANDROID_MARKET cannot have a countingType of MANY_PER_CLICK
DUPLICATE_APP_ID The user specified two identical app ids when attempting to create or modify a conversion type.
TWO_CONVERSION_TYPES_BIDDING_ON_SAME_APP_DOWNLOAD The user is trying to enter a double bidding conflict. A double bidding conflict is when 2 conversion types both measure downloads for the same app ID.
CONVERSION_TYPE_BIDDING_ON_SAME_APP_DOWNLOAD_AS_GLOBAL_TYPE The user is trying to enter a double bidding conflict with the global type. The conversion type being created/editied and the global type (or forked global download type) are both measuring downloads for the same app ID.
DUPLICATE_NAME The user specified two identical names when attempting to create or rename multiple conversion types.
EMAIL_FAILED An error occurred while the server was sending the email.
EXCEEDED_CONVERSION_TYPE_LIMIT The maximum number of active conversion types for this account has been exceeded.
ID_IS_NULL The user requested to modify an existing conversion type, but did not supply an ID.
INVALID_APP_ID App ids must adhere to valid Java package naming requirements.
CANNOT_SET_APP_ID App id can not be set to forked system-defined Android download conversion type.
INVALID_CATEGORY The user attempted to set category which is not applicable to provided conversion type.
INVALID_COLOR The user entered an invalid background color. The background color must be a valid HTML hex color code, such as "99ccff".
INVALID_DATE_RANGE The date range specified in the stats selector is invalid.
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS The email address of the sender or the recipient of a snippet email was invalid.
INVALID_ORIGINAL_CONVERSION_TYPE_ID Editing the settings for the system-wide default conversion trackers is not permitted in AdWords API.
MUST_SET_APP_PLATFORM_AND_APP_CONVERSION_TYPE_TOGETHER The AppPlatform and AppConversionType must be set at the same time. It is an error to set just one or the other.
NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS The user attempted to create a new conversion type, or to rename an existing conversion type, whose new name matches one of the other conversion types for his account.
NO_RECIPIENTS The user asked to send a notification email, but specified no recipients.
NO_SNIPPET The requested conversion type has no snippet, and thus its snippet email cannot be sent.
TOO_MANY_WEBPAGES The requested date range contains too many webpages to be processed.
UNKNOWN_SORTING_TYPE An unknown sorting type was specified in the selector.
UNSUPPORTED_APP_CONVERSION_TYPE AppConversionType cannot be set to DOWNLOAD when AppPlatform is ITUNES.