Fixed size banner ads

The Google Mobile Ads SDK supports fixed ad sizes for situations where adaptive banners ads don't meet your needs.

The following table lists the standard banner sizes.

Size in dp (WxH) Description Availability AdSize constant
320x50 Banner Phones and tablets BANNER
320x100 Large banner Phones and tablets LARGE_BANNER
300x250 IAB medium rectangle Phones and tablets MEDIUM_RECTANGLE
468x60 IAB full-size banner Tablets FULL_BANNER
728x90 IAB leaderboard Tablets LEADERBOARD

The size of the container in which you place your ad must be at least as big as the banner. Any padding effectively decreases the size of your container. If the container cannot fit the banner ad, the ad isn't shown and the following warning is logged:

W/Ads: Not enough space to show ad. Needs 320x50 dp, but only has 288x495 dp.

Custom ad size

If you have Ad Manager reservation line items targeting a custom size, you can create an AdSize with a custom width and height that matches your line item.


AdSize customAdSize = new AdSize(250, 250);
AdManagerAdView adView = new AdManagerAdView(this);


val customAdSize = AdSize(250, 250)
val adView = AdManagerAdView(this)

Multiple ad sizes

If you want to target line items of multiple ad sizes in the same ad request, AdManagerAdView lets you set multiple ad sizes at once.


AdManagerAdView adView = new AdManagerAdView(this);
adView.setAdSizes(AdSize.BANNER, new AdSize(120, 20), new AdSize(250, 250));


val adView = AdManagerAdView(this)
adView.setAdSizes(AdSize.BANNER, AdSize(120, 20), AdSize(250, 250))

The AdManagerAdView defaults to the first ad size. Once the ad loads, the AdManagerAdView size changes to the loaded ad size. Your layout should be able to automatically adapt to the new size.

You can also specify multiple ad sizes using the ads:adSizes attribute in your XML layout file:

   ads:adUnitId="AD_UNIT_ID" />

Multiple ad sizes example

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