Provides the classes necessary to request, retrieve, and control the playback of ads. Usage involves creating an AdsLoader, providing an AdDisplayContainer in which to play the ads, requesting ads with an AdsRequest, and managing the ads with an AdsManager. An instance of ImaSdkFactory creates all SDK objects.


Ad An object that holds data corresponding to the main Ad. 
AdDisplayContainer A container in which to display the ads. 
AdErrorEvent An event raised when there is an error loading or playing ads. 
AdErrorEvent.AdErrorListener Interface for classes that will listen to AdErrorEvents. 
AdEvent Event to notify publisher that an event occurred with an Ad. 
AdEvent.AdEventListener Listener interface for ad events. 
AdPodInfo An ad may be part of a pod of ads. 
AdProgressInfo Represents the progress within this ad break. 
AdsLoader An object which allows publishers to request ads from ad servers or a dynamic ad insertion stream. 
AdsLoader.AdsLoadedListener Listener interface for notification of ad load or stream load completion. 
AdsManager An object which handles playing ads after they've been received from the server. 
AdsManagerLoadedEvent An event raised when ads are successfully loaded from the ad server through an AdsLoader. 
AdsRenderingSettings Defines parameters that control the rendering of ads. 
AdsRequest An object containing the data used to request ads from the server. 
BaseDisplayContainer A base class for more specialized container interfaces. 
BaseManager Base interface for managing ads. 
BaseRequest Base interface for requesting ads. 
CompanionAd An object that holds data corresponding to the companion Ad. 
CompanionAdSlot A companion ad slot for which the SDK should retrieve ads. 
CompanionAdSlot.ClickListener Listener interface for click events. 
CuePoint Represents a cuepoint within a VOD stream. 
FriendlyObstruction An obstruction that is marked as "friendly" for viewability measurement purposes. 
ImaSdkSettings Defines general SDK settings that are used when creating an AdsLoader. 
StreamDisplayContainer A display container specific to server-side ad insertion. 
StreamManager An object which manages dynamic ad insertion streams. 
StreamRequest An object containing the data used to request a stream with server-side ad insertion. 
UiElement Describes an element of the ad UI, to be requested or rendered by the SDK. 
UniversalAdId This object exposes information about the universal ad ID. 


ImaSdkFactory Factory class for creating SDK objects. 
VersionInfo Version info for SecureSignals adapters and for third party SDKs that collect SecureSignals. 


AdError.AdErrorCode The types of error that can be encountered. 
AdError.AdErrorType Specifies when the error was encountered, during either ad loading or playback. 
AdEvent.AdEventType Types of events that can occur during ad playback. 
FriendlyObstructionPurpose A list of purposes for which an obstruction would be registered as friendly. 
StreamRequest.StreamFormat Enum of possible stream formats. 


AdError An error that occurred in the SDK.