Editable Features

You have the ability to set certain features related to your Actions Center integration in Partner Portal under Configuration > Features. The features are environment specific, so note that if you enable a feature in Sandbox, you will also need to enable it in Production separately.

Please be judicious when setting or unsetting features and always consult with your Google contact if you are unsure.

Editable Features
Enable availability checker The availability checker is a tool that must be enabled in sandbox and production before launch. This tool probes for stale slots by hitting the availability checking booking server method (CheckAvailability, BatchAvailabilityLookup). The availability checker will not create bookings or orders. To meet the launch criteria, error rates and unavailable rates need to be consistently low for several days. The default availability checker rate of requests is set to 1 QPS.
Indicate to users to contact partner directly regarding bookings When the box is unchecked, the default experience will indicate to users to contact the merchant directly regarding bookings. If you check this box and specify a contact support url, then we will direct users to your website as opposed to contacting the merchant directly. This setting is currently only applicable to partners in the Things-to-do vertical.
Enable special request box (Sandbox only) This allows users to submit special requests as part of their booking and is only available for certain integrations partners. For more information on how to enable special request box, please follow this tutorial. This setting will be applied to all merchants in the integration and can not be changed on a merchant by merchant basis. Consult with your Google contact to enable this in PRODUCTION.
Change max party size This feature is only applicable if you have Reservations inventory. This feature allows you to customize the max party size to a value between 1 to 20. The default max party size is 10. In addition to changing this value, you will need to modify your integration (feeds, booking server, and real-time updates) to accommodate the increased party size you set. This setting will be applied to all Reservations merchants in the integration and cannot be changed on a merchant by merchant basis.