What is a pollutant?

Pollutants are particles and gasses in the air that, in high concentration, can be harmful to people's health.

Reported pollutants

The Air Quality API supports the most common pollutants.

Pollutants information includes:

  • Dominant pollutant
  • Concentration
  • Sources & Effects
Code Display Name Full Name Units Measured
co CO Carbon monoxide ppb
c6h6 C6H6 Benzene μg/m³
ox OX Photochemical oxidants ppb
o3 3 Ozone ppb
nh3 NH3 Ammonia ppb
nmhc NMHC Non-methane hydrocarbons ppb
no NO Nitrogen monoxide ppb
nox NOX Nitrogen oxides ppb
no2 NO2 Nitrogen dioxide ppb
p25 P25 Fine particulate matter (<2.5µm) μg/m³
pm10 PM10 Inhalable particulate matter (<10µm) μg/m³
so2 SO2 Sulfur dioxide ppb
trs TRS Total reduced sulfur μg/m³