Datasets tagged rgb in Earth Engine

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  • Finland RGB NLS orthophotos 50 cm by SMK

    NLS Orthophotos are an aerial photo dataset covering the whole of Finland. This data is provided by SMK(The Energy Agency, formerly abbreviated SMK). An orthophoto is a combination of several individual aerial photos. The aerial photo data set in orthophoto format is available as the …
    finland orthophoto rgb smk
  • SWISSIMAGE 10 cm RGB imagery

    The SWISSIMAGE 10 cm orthophoto mosaic is an assembly of new color digital aerial images over the whole of Switzerland with a ground resolution of 10 cm in the plains and the main alpine valleys and 25 cm in the Alps. It is updated annually. …
    orthophoto rgb
  • Planet SkySat Public Ortho Imagery, RGB

    This data from Planet labs Inc. SkySat satellites was collected for the experimental "Skybox for Good Beta" program in 2015, as well as for various crisis response events and a few other projects. The data is available in both a 5-band Multispectral/Pan collection, and a …
    highres pansharpened planet rgb skysat
  • Spain RGB orthophotos 10 cm

    Mosaics of orthophotos from flights carried out between 2007 and 2018 by various public administration bodies at 10cm pixel resolution. This data is provided by National Plan for Aerial Orthophotography Spain (PNOA). For more information, please see the Spain orthophotos documentation
    orthophoto rgb