Review process

This section describes the review process for Classroom add-ons. Your add-on must be reviewed by the Trust & Security and Google Workspace Marketplace (GWM) teams.

For more general information about the Google Workspace Marketplace app review process see About app review.

Review sequence

Your app is ready for review when you have created a public Google Cloud project with Google Workspace Marketplace listing configured. This public project should point to your production-ready implementation of your add-on.

Below is the summary of the sequence of steps in the approval process. Read through carefully, as there are time-sensitive actions that you must perform. Continue to the other pages in this section for more detail.

  1. Ensure that you allow the GWM review accounts to access your add-on.

  2. Initiate the publication process from your Google Cloud project's GWM Store Listing page. Click PUBLISH at the bottom of the page.

  3. Inform your Google DevRel contacts that you have submitted your add-on for review.

  4. During the Early Access Preview, the GWM review team creates the required OAuth demo video and provides it to you. In the future, you will be able to create your own demo video without the assistance of another team.

  5. Initiate the OAuth verification from your Google Cloud project's OAuth consent screen. Click PUBLISH APP.

    A confirmation dialog explains that you must provide a few pieces of information. Click CONFIRM to proceed.

    One requested item is a YouTube video that demonstrates how you use the data from the requested scopes. A video is required to proceed; use the video provided to you by the GWM review team in the previous step.

    OAuth verification confirmation dialog

  6. The OAuth verification team processes your verification request. The reviewers communicate directly with you and confirm when the verification is complete. This process typically requires 3-5 working days.

  7. The GWM review team tests the add-on against Google Workspace and Classroom add-on requirements while the OAuth process is taking place.

  8. The GWM review team communicates directly with you about any concerns with your add-on. We recommend budgeting 2-3 weeks for this process.

Your add-on is available to all Workspace for Education domains once published. Read the other guides in this section for further details about the expectations from each team.