Open content in new tabs

There may be some situations in which you would prefer to provide additional content outside the iframe. You may therefore opt to load attachment content in a new tab rather than confine it to the iframe, provided your add-on meets the requirements specified on this page.

Required behaviors in new tabs or windows

The Classroom add-on requirements checklist specifies certain behaviors when opening new tabs or windows. The table below provides clarifications and implementation suggestions regarding the specific requirements.

ID Requirement How to meet
2.4 When the login hint doesn't produce a match, the add-on SHOULD use the provided host domain to reduce friction for the user by limiting the account choices in the sign-in popup to that of the host domain. This dialog is provided by the Google Sign-in flow. See our Handle repeat logins walkthrough for a suggested implementation.
3.2 If a task is launched into a new tab or window from any of the iframe journeys, it MUST provide a path to return to Classroom. On the external site, include a message, banner, toast, or other notification instructing the user to return to Classroom when finished with the task.
5.1 If the studentViewUri is launched, the add-on SHOULD NOT pop the user out of the iframe to complete a task. Ideally, users are able to complete all relevant journeys within the iframe. Opening new tabs can disorient users and adds to the complexity of using the add-on. Keep the user experience within the iframe to provide the least end-user friction.
5.3 If the add-on activity pops out of the iframe, there MUST be a preview about the task in the iframe. Don't open the external site immediately when the user clicks the attachment card. Instead, provide a simple interstitial view in the iframe showing an image or description of the task that opens in a new tab. Include instructions to help users successfully navigate and complete the activity.