Google Workspace Marketplace review

The Google Workspace Marketplace (GWM) team reviews Classroom add-ons against our published requirements.


Allow the following Google review team accounts access to your application so that the user journeys can be reviewed for completion.



The GWM review team follows our add-ons test plan to check that your add-on adheres to the Classroom add-on requirements and implements the necessary features.

The review team tests the following abilities:

  • As domain administrators...
    • Ability to domain-install the add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • As teachers...
    • The above-listed teacher accounts can access the add-on.
    • Ability to create and assign work with an add-on attachment.
    • (optional) Ability to review and grade work.
  • As students...
    • The above-listed student accounts can access the add-on.
    • Ability to view an assigned attachment.
    • (optional) Ability to complete the assignment and submit.

Feedback loop

Once the add-on is in review, the Google Workspace Marketplace review team compares your product to the Classroom add-on requirements checklist. Any issues found are then itemized in a Google Doc; use this Google Doc to communicate directly with the review team.