Classroom API Roadmap

This page contains information on upcoming features for the Classroom API and details on how to participate in developer preview.

Preview the Classroom API

Previewing Classroom API features provides an opportunity for developers to influence the shape of feature development with feedback and have integrations ready for public use ahead of general availability.

Preview lifecycle

Developers can opt-in to versions of the API that contain new, backwards-compatible features. These "preview versions" are available publicly for at least 90 days. Subject to feedback, the preview version and its features are then incorporated into the existing v1 API. Preview versions are eventually deprecated and remain available for at least another 90 days.

If feedback on a preview version is strong enough to require breaking changes, a new version is created to support the existing capabilities. Both versions are available for at least 90 days to allow developer migration. Join the Classroom API Developer Preview mailing list to stay informed of preview changes and subscribe to the announcement list for more general Classroom API updates.

Participate in Classroom API previews

To participate, join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program. Available public preview features are listed in the Google Workspace active developer previews. If you're testing a private preview feature, you may not see that feature listed in any public documentation.

Upcoming features

This is our roadmap of expected API features and their timelines. It is updated periodically.

The preview version value represents the expected date for the versions initial preview availability. See Access preview APIs to learn how preview versions are used.

Feature Description Target for Preview Target for GA Preview Version
Rubrics CRUD Create, read, update, and delete classroom rubrics on behalf of teachers. 2023 Q4 2024 H1 V1_20231110_PREVIEW
Grading Periods Create, read, update, and delete grading periods on behalf of administrators and teachers. 2024 H1 TBD V1_20240401_PREVIEW


Share your feedback for preview features through the linked IssueTracker in the active developer previews section of the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program overview page.

Use Classroom API preview features in production

If you'd like to use Classroom API preview features with end users, including any real teachers, administrators, or students, you must agree to a Classroom-specific amendment to the Google Workspace Google Workspace Developer Preview Program terms by completing and submitting this form: