abstract class DpcMigrationRequest

Request for migrating from a custom DPC to Android Management API.


Nested types

Builder for DpcMigrationRequest.

Information on Wi-Fi network configured by source DPC and is used for removing the network.

Builder for DpcMigrationRequest.WifiNetwork.

Public functions

java-static DpcMigrationRequest.Builder!
abstract ImmutableList<DpcMigrationRequest.WifiNetwork!>!

Wi-Fi networks configured by source DPC.

java-static DpcMigrationRequest!
abstract String!

The migration token as generated by AMAPI server.

abstract DpcMigrationRequest.Builder!

Public functions


java-static fun builder(): DpcMigrationRequest.Builder!


abstract fun getConfiguredWifiNetworks(): ImmutableList<DpcMigrationRequest.WifiNetwork!>!

Wi-Fi networks configured by source DPC. These networks will be removed just before the device management is migrated to Android Device Policy. If you would like these networks to be added back, they should be a part of the policy configured using the Android Management API. This is needed only for work profiles on personally-owned devices, and must not be set otherwise.


java-static fun getDefaultInstance(): DpcMigrationRequest!


abstract fun getMigrationToken(): String!

The migration token as generated by AMAPI server.


abstract fun toBuilder(): DpcMigrationRequest.Builder!