Entity feed

Create and upload Entity feeds

When you create and upload Entity feeds, make sure that you're following these instructions:

  • Follow the spec described in the Entity feed for Entity data files. You must use unique Entity data file names between uploads. It is recommended to include a timestamp in the file name, for example, Entity1_1633621547.json.
  • In the fileset descriptor, set the name field to reservewithgoogle.entity. For an example of the descriptor file, refer to the Descriptor file JSON sample. You must use unique descriptor file names between uploads. It is recommended to include a timestamp in the file name, for example, Entity1_1633621547.filesetdesc.json. The descriptor file must be uploaded to the generic SFTP dropbox.
  • Feeds must be uploaded to the generic SFTP dropbox daily as full refreshes.
  • You can find generic feed SFTP dropbox info in the Configuration > Feeds section of the partner portal.
  • Selecting feed dropboxes

  • You can find generic feed ingestion status in the Feeds > History section of the partner portal.


EntityFeed definition

message EntityFeed {
  repeated Entity data = 1;

Entity definition

// Information about an Entity that is on the partner's platform. For example,
// an Entity could be a retail store, a hospital, an online business etc.
message Entity {
  // An opaque string generated by the partner that identifies an Entity.
  // Must be unique across all entities.
  // Strongly recommended to only include URL-safe characters. (required)
  string entity_id = 1;

  // If present, the name, telephone, url and location are used to support
  // matching partner inventory with entities already present on Google. This
  // information will not be displayed.

  // The name of the Entity. (required)
  string name = 2;

  // The contact telephone number of the Entity including its country and area
  // codes, e.g. +14567891234. Highly recommended. (optional)
  string telephone = 3;

  // The url of the Entity's public website. Highly recommended. (optional)
  string url = 4;

  // The location of the Entity (required)
  madden.ingestion.GeoCoordinates location = 5;

GeoCoordinates definition

// The Geo data of a location, including latitude, longitude, and address.
// At least one of [lat/lng or address] should be provided (or both).
message GeoCoordinates {
  double latitude = 1;  // In degrees. (optional)

  double longitude = 2;  // In degrees. (optional)

  // Address for a location, could either be structured or unstructured.
  oneof addresses {
    // Postal address of the location, preferred.
    PostalAddress address = 3;

    // An unstructured address could also be provided as a fallback.
    // E.g. "1600 amphitheatre parkway mountain view, ca 94043"
    string unstructured_address = 4;

PostalAddress definition

// The postal address for a merchant.
message PostalAddress {
  // The country, using ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, e.g. "US" (required)
  string country = 1;

  // The locality/city, e.g. "Mountain View". (required)
  string locality = 2;

  // The region/state/province, e.g. "CA". This field is only required in
  // countries where region is commonly a part of the address. (optional)
  string region = 3;

  // The postal code, e.g. "94043". (required)
  string postal_code = 4;

  // The street address, e.g. "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy". (required)
  string street_address = 5;

Entity feed samples

Entity feed

Filename : entity1_1697754089.json

  "data": [
      "entity_id": "dining-1",
      "name": "Cucina Venti Restaurant",
      "telephone": "+1-650-254-1120",
      "url": "www.cucinaventi.com",
      "location": {
        "latitude": 37.41611,
        "longitude": -122.07751,
        "address": {
          "country": "US",
          "locality": "Mountain View",
          "region": "CA",
          "postal_code": "94043",
          "street_address": "1390 Pear Ave ste D"

Descriptor File

Filename : entity1_1697754089.filesetdesc.json

  "generation_timestamp": 1697754089,
  "name": "reservewithgoogle.entity",
  "data_file": ["entity1_1697754089.json"]