Receive upcoming flight notifications

Google Wallet sends a notification to the user three hours prior to the flight. The flight time is defined by class.localScheduledDepartureDateTime.

To receive this notification, the user must have notifications enabled. To check this, they can navigate to Settings > Notifications and see if Updates about your passes is turned on.

The notification shows up in the notifications area, and in the lock screen, if the user has notifications enabled for the lock screen.

The notification has the following unmodifiable format:

Boarding pass for your flight to class.destination.airportIataCode

If they tap the notification and unlock their device, their pass appears in the Google Wallet app.

If the user has multiple passes, only the soonest useable pass is shown. If they've added grouped passes as per Group multiple boarding passes, the notification only shows one of the passes in the group. However, when they tap it, the user can swipe left and right to see the other passes in that group.

The notification is pinned and won't auto-dismiss after a user opens it. Auto-dismiss occurs 60 minutes after class.localScheduledDepartureDateTime.