Common event data

The following are event data common across different types of events. These values can be retrieved using the Event Data variable or the getEventData API.

Parameter Type Example Description
client_id string ABC_123 Arbitrary ID that anonymously identifies a particular user, device, or browser instance.
currency string USD Currency of the purchase or items associated with the event, in 3-letter ISO_4217 format.
event_name string purchase The name of the event.
ip_override string The IP address of the user in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
language string en_us The language for the client in ISO 639-1.
page_encoding string UTF-8 The text encoding of the page.
page_hostname string The hostname portion of page_location.
page_location string The full document URL of the page.
page_path string /path/to/page The path portion of page_location.
page_referrer string Full URL of the page that referred to the user to the page where the event occurred. This is not the value of the Referrer header on the request coming into the server container.
page_title string Home The title of the page.
screen_resolution string 1024x768 Total screen resolution for the user's device. (width by height).
user_agent string The client's user agent.
user_data.email_address string Email address of the user.
user_data.sha256_email_address string Hashed email address of the user. Learn more
user_data.phone_number string +15551234567 Phone number of the user.
user_data.sha256_phone_number string Hashed phone number of the user. Learn more
user_data.address.first_name string Jane First name of the user.
user_data.address.sha256_first_name string Hashed first name of the user. Learn more
user_data.address.last_name string Doe Last name of the user.
user_data.address.sha256_last_name string Hashed last name of the user. Learn more
user_data.address.street string 123 Fake St Street and number for the address of the user. string City Town City for the address of the user.
user_data.address.region string CA State or territory for the address of the user.
user_data.address.postal_code string 54321 Postal code for the address of the user. string US Country code for the address of the user.
user_id string Arbitrary ID that is intended to be a known identifier for a user provided by the site owner/library user.
value number 10 Monetary value of the event that occurred.
viewport_size string 725x345 Size of the content window. Usually smaller than the screen resolution. (width by height).